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Becky Palmieri

Becky Palmieri

Marketing Administrator | Plan Sponsor Services Associate

Becky was new to the financial services industry when she joined Sourjohn-Kim Retirement Solutions in Oct 2020.  While she was delighted to find any job during the height of the pandemic, she feels truly blessed to have found a “family” at SKRS, a soft place to land while learning a new industry. Becky brings her technical skills and 15+ years of experience in marketing and design to the SKRS team, improving client-facing communication and providing background support. 

Most of Becky’s work at Sourjohn-Kim is behind the scenes, using her skills in branding and digital design to make everyone else stand out. She works closely with Carrie and Barb on the Retirement Plan Service team, assisting with preparation for plan reviews and employee educational presentations as well as managing data and maintaining plan records in the client-facing Employer Document Vault.

Retirement Dream:  I dream of frequent vacations with my love, lots of lunches with girlfriends, and I can see myself one day loving being a grandmother, even more than I have loved being a mom!